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Hubert Rublon painter

Vibrant and colourful Hubert Rublon’s paintings are an ode to beauty and "art de vivre".
Revisited seaside scenes painted in clean, uncluttered lines, bordering on cubism, sailing ships with geometric cuts, peaceful fishing harbours, oriental women with diaphanous saris…
With a transparency achieved by the use of a glazing technique the pictures invite us into a world where light and pattern appear to be playing a game of hide and seek.
Serene, yet at the same time strong compositions, and a palette favouring gold and saffron, inspire in us a feeling of emotion and delight.
A long career as an illustrator for Press and Publishing companies has naturally lead Hubert Rublon to painting.
He exhibits at "Les Artistes et la Mer" Gallery, in Saint-Malo, and his artwork features in some private collections in the United States, in New Zealand and in Europe.

Martine Guichard